The craze of cricket in world and live cricket streamin:

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Cricket – A game of gentlemen:

Before telling you about live cricket streaming, let’s have a look at the origin of cricket.

Cricket is one of the best and the top class game of the world. It is the invention of Englishmen who started playing this game on the soil of Asia continent when they came here for ruling the sub continent people. From that time to present time, there have been bundles of changes in the rules of cricket. But it is still the best and top class game in the world. Everyone in this world loves to see their favorite players playing on television. They also like to play cricket in their free time. You can see the craze of this sport in every age of the person. Apart from Childs, young men and old persons also love to play cricket whenever they are free.

Cricket is a game of gentlemen. You have to hold your nerves whenever you are playing or seeing the match on television or the ground. Every ball in the game can change the results. That’s why it gets known as a game of gentlemen because they know how to control their nerves in the ground for their victory. Gentlemen also knows who to monitor their selves after losing a match.

Cricket is not only a game – it is a passion:

For some people in this world, cricket is not just only a game. It has become a passion for themselves. Some people take it too seriously that they forget other things just to give their 100% in the match. Many big players like Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara, Saeed Anwar, Wasim Akram and much more have given their 100% in cricket fields to entertain their fans. The term cricket was running in their nervous system instead of blood. That was such a golden era of cricket when everyone was so severe about their passion.

Watch live cricket streaming of favorite matches:

If you are busy in doing your daily work and your boss is not giving you free time to go home for watching your favorite game, then just don’t worry now. You can watch live cricket streaming of your favorite games on your laptops and mobiles with running internet connection. Now, you can see your favorite players playing against your enemy side live on your mobile and laptops. Apart from this, you can watch the highlights of previous matches here. From now to onwards, you will not miss a single game with the help of Criculive dot com.

The second most favorite game:

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Cricket is a second most famous game in the world after football. Every young kid loves to serve his country with his passionate skills. The grounds, streets and even free places are full with cricketers and their matches. In the subcontinent, cricket is most compelling game. In some areas of India, cricket has also got a role of God.

Some players worship it because they have given their everything in this game. Everyone loves to see live cricket streaming of their matches. When there is a world cup season, the families combine to enjoy the game of their favorite team. The atmosphere changes into a party when their team wins. This thing is widespread in Pakistan and India.

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